OU Women’s Basketball Looks good too

The OU women’s basketball team is also making a good showing. Three star players from this year’s team went in the first round of the WNBA draft. www.physiquesports.co.uk has this story as well.

Mozilla Approaches 1.0

I have used Mozilla exclusively (where possible. I have to use IE occasionally at work) for quite some time, and it has become a very nice piece of software. In case you haven’t noticed the logo in the lower right corner, this site is best viewed with (and we developed and tested with) Mozilla. Due … [Read more…]

Sooner Offense Looking Good

There is an article in The Oklahoman today about the Sooner offense and how good they’re looking in Spring Practice! It sounds like they’re really revamping the offense after last season. Hopefully we’ll see vast improvements this fall!