A Big Day at the Lee House

I know it’s been over two years since we’ve posted here, and I planned to post something about Noah’s recent birthday, oddly enough, but something better has come up.

When we got home from church last Sunday night, we were reading through the Christmas devotional guide our church provided when Noah told us that he had accepted the Lord! During the invitation after the choir/orchestra program, he said he felt God was wanting him to accept Him and that he finally got the courage and did it. The rest of the evening he was, in his words, “excited and happy”. Needless to say, we were too.

He’s also beyond excited to be baptized, which will be done in the 11:00 service this Sunday at Quail Springs Baptist Church​. Andrew was baptized at Easter, and now Noah will be baptized at Christmas. That timing is pretty awesome.

Funny side note: Yesterday morning, Noah wanted to wear a specific shirt to school. It has an 8-bit Atari feel to it and says “Jesus is a game-changer.” I saw that on him and said, “He *is* a game changer.” Noah replied, “Yup, and He changed my game last night!” So cute.

Thanks for reading and stay in touch with us for more news!

A Very Happy Easter

Easter is always a happy time; how could the celebration of the risen Savior not be? This year, though, was the best one yet! This year, we watched Andrew be baptized. On March 27, Angela and I had the pleasure of leading him to the Lord, a culmination of many years of praying.  To see him step into the baptistry and share his commitment to the Lord with our church family made this an Easter we’ll never forget. Definitely one of our proudest moments as parents…

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Blog Update

We’ve updated the blog.  Not just added a couple of new entries.  We’ve updated the system we run the blog on from a custom PHP-based system we wrote to WordPress.  WordPress is in every way superior to what we had, so there are now longer any technical excuses for us not to post updates here.  Time will tell if that helps or not.   And, hey! Look!  An entries feed for those that are into such things! 😛

Andrew’s 7th Birthday

Wow, how time flies.  It's been almost a YEAR since we posted something here (I blame Facebook and Twitter :).

Yesterday, we celebrated Andrew's SEVENTH birthday with our family.  We had a really great time.  Andrew, of course, had a blast.  Below is a slideshow that Angela created, showing some of the many highlights of our not-so-little boy's first 7 years:

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Yea for Fall!

We had a long bout with the flu earlier this month, but everyone is finally well again and enjoying the beautiful fall weather.  Fall has always been my favorite season and it is especially fun with kiddos.  This fall we've had fun collecting pretty leaves, going to OU fooball games and especially dressing up for Halloween.  We continued our tradition of dressing up as a family and we were characters from the Super Mario games.  

Here are a few pictures from this fall so far.