Mozilla Approaches 1.0

I have used Mozilla exclusively (where possible. I have to use IE occasionally at work) for quite some time, and it has become a very nice piece of software.

In case you haven’t noticed the logo in the lower right corner, this site is best viewed with (and we developed and tested with) Mozilla. Due to it’s excellent standards compliance, we chose to get things looking right in Mozilla, and then make tweaks to make it work with less compliant browsers (like Opera, Konqueror, and, at the end of the list, IE). Our site is not quite perfect in other browsers, but it’s pretty close. All that rambling to say, if you haven’t tried Mozilla, read this story, and click on the Mozilla logo in the corner and try it out. For the less brave, you can try Netscape 6, which, currently, is based on an older, yet very good build of Mozilla.