Debt Free!!!

Today was a big day for us. We just made the final payment on my student bad credit payday loans. We are now debt-free. Once you take out an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, your insolvency practitioner may well ask you to have your home evaluated to see if you can release some equity and put the … [Read more…]

Debt Retirement

Depending on your situation, you might want to think about the various debt management alternatives including IVAs, debt consolidation loans, and bankruptcy. . So we hit a milestone today. Thanks to the ever abundant blessings of God, we were able to finally pay off my car. God willing, we’ll have my student loan paid off … [Read more…]

Angela’s in the News

Today, Angela got to attend a press conference her company had called. As some of you know, Angela works for NIC. Prior to opening up shop in OKC, they won a contract to build the official state website, and this was the press conference to announce it. They’ve done a great job of gathering countless … [Read more…]

Red River Shootout 2001

OU-Texas weekend. Thanks to the generosity of Angela’s parents, we were able to get tickets. We didn’t get any from the season ticket holder lottery, so we weren’t expecting to get to go. Angela’s brother, however, had a soccer game that day, and, since it’s his senior year, Warren and Dawne decided that watching him … [Read more…]