It’s a (big) boy!

After nine months of waiting, Baby Lee finally arrived, and a little bit by surprise. On Tuesday morning, I was pretty much ready for work when Angela started having what seemed to be contractions sometime between 7:00 and 7:30. Not having been through this before, we weren’t sure if they were real contractions or just … [Read more…]

2 weeks and counting!

It’s hard to believe we’re getting so close to Baby Lee’s due date! My last day of work was Friday and I’m looking forward to having a few days to relax and get last minute things done before he arrives. I think we’ve just about gotten everything ready for him and we can’t wait!!!


While this was Angela’s third or fourth trip, this was my first, and it was everything I’ve been promised. With Baby Lee coming soon, we wanted to make the most out of what will probably be our last big trip for a while (although that remains to be seen ;), so we spent two weeks … [Read more…]

A couple of Sooner stories

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a Sooner story, so here’s a couple. This one details the results of the NFL draft as far as Sooners are concerned, and this one looks ahead to coming year and the (hopefully) dominant OU defense. It’s hard to believe that the football season is just three months … [Read more…]

Bosco 1.0!

Bosco 1.0 was released today. It has been over a month since Release Candidate 2 was released, and I haven’t had any negative feedback, so that means that it’s working well for people, or no one’s using. 🙂 Bosco is my bug tracking system. The curious can check out the home page or my personal … [Read more…]