Are You Ready For Some Football?!?

When Noah announced that he wanted to play Upward flag football INSTEAD of soccer this fall (we only do one sport at a time!), I could hardly believe it.  I wasn’t sure how much he would like it and I definitely wasn’t sure if I would like it, but it has been a wonderful experience.  Noah is loving every minute and insisted that we get him a mouth guard and some receiver’s gloves last week so he could look and play like the “real football players”!  Just like other Upward sports we have been involved with installment loans for bad credit at yahoo finance, the emphasis is on learning the game and having fun.  I love that they memorize scripture and have a devotion time at each practice and game. I’ll leave you with just a few pictures (ok, more than a few, but I just love all of these!) that really capture how much Noah is loving this game!  Yesterday his team played a double header and he ran the ball the length of the field for a touchdown and had 4 really great “tackles”!