Moved In!!!!

Even though we still have a TON of boxes to unpack, we are moved in and mostly settled in our new house!!!  We are absolutely loving it!

  Our first official family event in our new house was Noah's first birthday and we had so much fun celebrating!  Of course, he loved the cake and really got the hang of opening packages.  I will be working on getting some pictures posted soon.  

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

We had Andrew's birthday parties last weekend, but as of yesterday, he is officially 4 years old!  He wanted a Clifford party this year and it was such a fun theme!  We decorated everything red and even made a giant doghouse for Clifford out of an old furniture box!  He had so much fun having his friends come to his party. 

 We also thought it was very fitting that yesterday, on his 4th birthday, he all of a sudden took off in the swimming pool all by himself (with a little help from his floatie vest!) and began jumping off the side to Jason over and over again!  He has always preferred to play in the kiddie pool and has been very timid in the "adult pool".  Not anymore!  He's going to start swimming lessons next week and he can't wait!!

 Here are some pictures from his party and some professional pictures we had done this past weekend.  We were SO pleased with how they turned out!     

Noah is born!

Noah William was finally born on 11/21 at 12:15AM.  Angela and I, expecting to be induced at 7:30am on 11/22, decided to visit our favorite OKC Mexican restaurant, Ted’s. After a wait of 30 minutes, while watching them make their tortillas, we were finally seated.  As if on cue, Noah decided that it was time to be born the moment we sat down, so we rushed out without even eating one chip.  We were at the hospital for about four hours before Noah was born shortly after midnight.  Noah weighed 7lbs 13oz and was 20 inches long.

Mother and son are doing well, and we’re back at home, adjusting to having a new, precious life in our house.  What a wonderful gift with which the Lord has blessed us! You can see pictures of Noah at the hospital here and some more since we’ve been home here.

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Andrew had his 3rd birthday party today and it was SO much fun!  We had a Wiggles party and all our friends and family even dressed like the Wiggles!!  We can’t believe our baby boy is 3 years old!  The past 3 years have really flown by, but it really is true that it just keeps getting more fun!

Here are some pictures from his party and some more pictures from July!

Our Big News!

As you can see from this picture, Andrew has some very exciting news… He’s gonna be a big brother!

Our due date is November 27th (which happens to be my mom’s birthday!) and we are SO excited. We got to see the heartbeat this week and it was just as amazing as it was when we saw Andrew’s for the first time over 3 years ago. We feel very blessed!

P.S. Check out the scrapbook for lots of new pictures!