A’camping We Will Go

We loaded up our gear and headed to a campsite just outside of Guthrie this weekend for the annual Pack 349 May Campout.  Andrew has finished up his second year of cub scouts and he is still just loving it.  He has gotten to do so many cool things, has made some great friends, and … [Read more…]

A Trip To Remember

This year, Spring Break found us in San Diego, California! We had been talking about taking the boys there for a while and finally just decided to do it. We were able to see the USS Midway, Sea World, The San Diego Zoo, Cabrillo National Park & Lighthouse, La Jolla and the surrounding tide pools. … [Read more…]

Job in a Bag

Today was “Job in a Bag” day at Tax Returns in Victoria BC.  All the kids were to take one item that is used in their parents’ jobs for show and tell.  Noah wanted to take a “computer chip” from Jason’s computer, so Jason found him a stick of memory from an old computer that … [Read more…]


We have definitely been making the most of these crazy snow storms.  We’ve made snow ice cream, snow angels, snowman pancakes, paper snowflakes, play dough, cookies, cupcakes, and at least a hundred different Lego creations.  We’ve played video games, watched movies, played board games, gone sledding down the giant snow drift in our front yard, … [Read more…]