We watched golf?!

Today was a first for us. We went to watch golf. The US Open was in town, and our company, Red River Solutions, had a tent in the corporate sponsor area known as Dogwood Village. As part of the deal, I guess, the company got a number of tickets to give out as they saw fit, and we were two of the lucky recipients of tickets. Ours were for one of the practice rounds, but that worked out well. During the game, they don’t allow cameras, but they do during practice rounds, so we got to walk around the beautiful course and take lots of pictures. We got a great close up of Ernie Els that didn’t turn out becuase it was the last on the row. We saw, breifly, but didn’t get a chance to photograph Sergio Garcia. We got picutres of Vijay Singh and Jesper Pravenik teeing off. And my personal favorite: an apparently disgruntled Tom Lehman almost ran over me! 🙂

We walked a lot, so we drank a lot of water. Although not as hot as it could have been at this time of year in Oklahoma, it was still pretty warm. Walking up and the down the hills in all that sun didn’t help much. Had it not been for the company’s tent and the graciousness of our CEO, Pat Case, I’m not sure we would have made it.

We’re not the world’s biggest golf fans, but we had a great day at the course, and walked away with a new respect for the game. I might just have to give it a try.