Ski Trip

We left on the ski trip to Breckenridge today,and we got back early on the twelfth. The bus ride, with it’s straightbacked, non-reclining seats and hard short beds (made from the chairs) was pretty uncomfortable. The heater didn’t seem to work well, so we froze too. The bus ride wasn’t very fun, but the trip made it worth it.

We got to Breckenridge early on the eighth, and hit the slopes as soon as could. We started off on some greens to get warmed up a bit. After lunch, we took a really short blue to get to the other side of the mountain. Feeling good about that, we started taking more blues. It was my second time, so I was a bit nervous. Ang tells me I did fine on the blues. Sure felt good.

On the third day, we went to Keystone, which is about twenty miles from Breck. We skied all day there and skied at night once the sun went down. They had the trails lit, and they were mostly empty. It was awesome!