We spent our honeymoon in South Lake Tahoe. Everyone needs to visit Tahoe at least once in his life. It is one of the most beautiful places we’ve seen. The lake and sky were clear, the weather a bit cool, and we got some pretty snow that last couple of days. It was an incredible time. If you’re ever in the area, you need to visit a couple of restaurants. One is Jason’s, on the north shore. We stopped there because we felt that we should, and loved it. They had the biggest burgers (next to Al’s) that I’ve ever had. My ham and pineapple burger and Ang’s guac burger were awesome. I also got Ang to try clam chowder for the first time here. Good stuff. The other restaurant is Chevy’s. It’s a “Fresh Mex” restaurant to rival Ted’s (in OKC). The food was so good, we bought a cookbook they offer that has many of their recipes. Chevy’s is a must.

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